Want To Get Writing? Try Being Bored

This week’s guest poster is the wonderful blogger and author Rachel Walton, from Wordlander.  Enjoy!

Guest post: Want to get writing? Try being bored by author Rachel Walton

In need of a creative boost? Stuck with a bad case writer’s block? Have you tried the patented power of…absolutely nothing?

In general, humans are not built to be bored. Too much boredom can lead to us doing stupid things. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad for us to be un-occupied from time to time.

Research has shown that a little bit of boredom can be beneficial in a number of ways including for our creativity.

A study in 2014 gave participants boring things to do followed by creative tasks. The ones who’d had the most boring tasks had the best ideas when asked to be creative.

But the modern world doesn’t make being bored easy. In ye olden days, we were usually occupied with not dying, but when food was plentiful and enemies scarce, we had little to entertain ourselves. So we started painting the walls of our caves or carving stone deities.

These days we’re surrounded by ways to stimulate our senses, unfortunately, many of them require very little work from ourselves to engage in. Passive experiences like movies, radio, television, and of course the Internet, are just a click away and require little thought to consume.

To get those writing juices flowing, you may need to try stepping away from it all.

How to be bored

Put down your writing, hands off the remote and let go of the phone. Don’t touch that dial. Grab something to write on and a pen. Sit or lie still and let your mind wander. Daydream if you like.

Try not to ruminate over problems or what you’re currently stuck on, just drift over your thoughts. This isn’t meditation, your thoughts are central to what this time is for, but there’s no strict etiquette on what they have to be about.

If something intriguing flashes up, make a note of it and go back to being bored again – but having ideas isn’t a necessity. Once you’ve tried ten minutes or so of boredom, try some writing.

I’d suggest giving this a go every day and seeing what happens. If doing absolutely nothing is difficult you could try to do a very boring activity like reading the phone book instead.

It’s not just good for being creative

Whether you find it helps with your writing or not, there are other advantages to being bored. It can help manage tech addiction, increase your productivity and enable you to focus on your goals.

So turn off the TV, stare out the window and if anyone asks you what you’re doing, say ‘I’m writing’.

Photo of Author Rachel WaltonAbout Rachel

I’ve been writing ever since I could hold a pencil. As well as working as Online Content Editor for ten years, I’ve published two e-books ‘Under this Skin’ and ‘Tales from the Creeping Edges’.

I write urban fantasy and horror laced with dark, quirky humour.

I love to travel and often blog about places connected to famous authors, as well as tips and advice about writing I’ve learnt over the years.

Tales from the Creeping Edges

Book cover: Tales from the Creeping Edges by R F Walton

This collection of short horror stories, give you a glimpse into what’s beyond the reality you know…

Young Ivy explores a mysterious building in the middle of a field and meets its ghoulish resident in “Feed the Little Children”.

Lee and his friends dare each other to travel down “Creek End”, a street no adult can see.

David faces deadly temptation in a parallel universe in “Mr Spectors’ Circumstances have Changed”.

“Effigy” tells the tale of a prank gone wrong and the terrible revenge exacted upon the ‘Guy’ deemed responsible.

And in “Close Encounters for the Whole Family”, a naive farm girl makes first contact with aliens – but it doesn’t lead to the outcome the world is hoping for.

These tales and more await you. Darkly humorous and chilling, ‘Tales from the Creeping Edges’ will linger long in your memory.

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Big thanks to Rachel for being this week’s guest poster.  I hope you enjoyed her article and do check out her links.

If you have any questions or comments for Rachel,  please leave them in the comments section below.

I will be back tomorrow with another Blogger Series article.  See you then 🙂

Happy writing


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7 thoughts on “Want To Get Writing? Try Being Bored

  1. Reblogged this on Wordland and commented:
    This is my first guest blog with the fab Ari Meghlen who works tirelessly not only on her own writing, but also to promote others. I don’t know how she does it but I’m glad she does. Thanks Ari!

  2. I like being bored. As you point out it gives one room for mental wandering.
    It’s like my response to one of my hubby’s favorite expressions, “Never a wasted moment.”
    I tell him, “Life happens in the wasted moments.”

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