Guest Post with Writer Ari Meghlen #writingtips #amwriting @AriMeghlen

I had the honour of being a guest poster on author Suzanne Rogerson’s website. My post is all about dealing with multiple story ideas swarming you while you’re trying to stay focused on your current WIP.  Hope you like it 😀

Guest post with writer Ari Meghlen over at Suzanne Rogerson's website.



Suzanne Rogerson Fantasy Author

Today I’m really pleased to share a guest post from fellow writer, Ari Meghlen. She has some great tips for keeping your writing projects under control. Read on to find out more…

Keeping the Rabble in Line: How to stick to one story

A Writer’s Life

I always knew I was meant to be a writer.  Even in those very early years when I struggled to read and was way behind, regarding reading levels compared to other children my age.  After all, my inability to read well never stopped the ideas from coming.

While I loved to draw and was not bad at it, art never seemed enough to give all these ideas life!  So, writing was the only way to go.

A Rabble of Chattering Ghosts

I have been blessed (and cursed) with always having ideas.  Any time I suffered writers block, it was usually due to mental burn-out…

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