8 Things You Need To Know Before Starting a Blog

Welcome back to my Blogger Series, where every Thursday I upload a post with information and tips for those who are interested in starting their own blog

Blogging is a great hobby to get into but there’s more to it than just writing posts.  So in this series, I will go through what you need to know to make your blog awesome!

This week’s post is about things you might want to know before starting your blog.  Believe me, knowing this stuff ahead of time makes all the difference.


1. Time Commitment

Blogging takes Time Commitment

Unless blogging for you is 100% a hobby and you have no interest in expanding your readership, building networks, making money and increasing engagement, then you are going to have to commit some time to your blog.

Spending 10 mins writing a rough post and flinging it up whenever you have a moment, won’t help you in the blogosphere.

A good blog takes time.  Everything from researching, planning, writing, proofreading, to managing and maintaining the blog is going to need to be given time.

If you are trying to emulate popular blogs you’ve seen or want to get found in the endless sea of other blogs, then you have to dedicate time to it.


2. Good Copy

Your blog should have Good Copy

Connected to the one above point, you need to write good copy.  That means taking the time to check that your posts are easy to read, proof-read and make sense.  I admit that in the beginning, I wrote my blog posts randomly and didn’t often check them.

Not good for a writer who didn’t take the time to check her writing and make sure it was free of errors.

I blamed having little time (I worked full time, ran a part-time business and did a part-time degree) but in truth, if I had organised myself better in those early days, I could have still written good copy despite my time constraints.

People are giving up their time to read your blog, make sure it’s ready for them.  Yes, we all make mistakes and I’m sure you’ll find some on my blog.

I try and catch what I can and read my posts 3 times before I publish.  So I fix a good number of mistakes before it goes live.


3. Quality vs Quantity

You should focus on Quality vs Quantity

There are many bloggers who write posts every day.  However, most of these bloggers have had their blogs a long time and built up to that.

If you are new to blogging, focus on giving each blog post your time and attention and don’t rush to get as many as possible out into the blogosphere.

I wrote one post a week for a long time.  I am now up to writing three posts a week and having a guest post but it has been years for me to get to this stage.

Even if you end up eventually publishing every day, you still want to focus on quality.  People will soon get bored with a blog if they are bombarded every day with sub-par content.

You need to remember to give your readers value for their time.


4. Frequency

Define your blogging Frequency and allow for growth

Thinking about your blogging frequency early on can help you define what you are capable of.

In the beginning, I highly recommend you start with a smaller blogging frequency.  New bloggers can become overwhelmed if they try to blog every day or even just a few times a week.

Try for once a week – this is a good frequency to start with and allows for growth.  Even if you keep this frequency for a few months while you get settled into a blogging routine.  Or you could stay at once a week, if that works for you, stick with it.

Not to mention, a smaller blogging frequency means you won’t run out of ideas too soon.  Even if you get stuck, you have time to come up with new blogging topics.


5. Schedule

Have a Schedule for better blogging consistency

When I first started, I blogged on Fridays only.  But, I actually didn’t.  Because sometimes I forgot and sometimes I just dumped a post up when I felt like it.  It was a hodge-podge system and I paid for it with a drop in engagement.

Not really a surprise, people would have to either sign up via email to see my posts or randomly visit my blog on the off-chance I’d posted.

Having a blogging schedule not only makes your life easier, but it also helps your readers.  They know when to expect something.  Do I sometimes miss my days?  Yes, but it’s very rare now.

So, pick a day of the week that works for you.  Consider if you have enough time on that day (or the prior days) to get a post written, checked and uploaded.

I also recommend sticking to uploading at a certain time as well.  I started uploading posts on Fridays at 18:30 (GMT/BST) because it was after work.   I made sure to mention that at the bottom of some of my posts so people became familiar with when to expect something from me.

If you state you post at a time, do include the timezone.  I know many of my readers are not in the UK and by letting them know my timezone, they are aware of when I am posting.


6. Original Content

Aim for Original Content and avoid plagiarism

Always make sure you write original content.  This does not mean finding a brand new niche no one has ever written about.

For example, my blog is mostly on articles for writers – whether that’s writing tutorials, tips, marketing advice etc.  This is not new, there are thousands of blogs that do the same.

Original content means you write in your own words, in your own voice – even if the subject has been covered a hundred times.  We all have our own take on it.

What you should never do is just copy and paste another person’s article into your blog and pretend it’s your own work.

Firstly, that’s plagiarism.  Don’t do it!

Secondly, search engines do not like duplicate work.  (This is why I and other bloggers, who accept guest posts, want newly-written articles and not ones you’ve already got on your blog etc).

Reblogging via the reblog button is okay as it’s set up in a way that

a) gives the original creator credit and links to them and

b) doesn’t affect the search engines.


7. Socialisation

Grow your platform with Socialisation and engagement

Your blog does not exist in a vacuum and if you want to build up a readership you have to be part of the community.

No matter how introverted you are (and believe me, most of us are plenty introverted) you have to connect with other people.

That does not just mean sharing your posts.  You need to reach out to other bloggers, be part of the blogger community by reading and following other blogs.  This should not just be done in a way to get someone to follow you.  Only follow blogs you are interested in.

Take the time to reply to comments.  Remember how I mentioned time commitments?  Well, here’s one of those things you need to consider.  Taking the time to reply to comments you get.  Taking the time to visit blogs and leave comments.

Not only are you supporting other blogs, but you might also just make new friends.


8. Costs

There can be a cost to blogging

Depending on what you want to get out of your blog, may mean that costs are involved.  There are many different costs, here are just a few:

  • Buying your domain name
  • Paying for a paid plan with WordPress.com in order to benefit from the added customisation or monetisation options
  • Paying for stock photos
  • Buying plug-ins

If the expansion of your blog is something you are considering and a cost may be involved, plan for it early.

Check the pricing, start saving and understand that you may have to fork out capital for a while before you gain anything back.

To experienced bloggers, did you know all this when you started or did you, like me, learn it as you went? 

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Happy writing

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The Blogger Series: 8 things you need to know before starting a blog



15 thoughts on “8 Things You Need To Know Before Starting a Blog

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  3. Blogging is a lot of work. I love it, but I’ll be honest – I’m not sure I would have started if I knew this in the first place. I can’t complain though, it’s made me who I am. But a schedule is super important to have as well as engagement and time commitment.

    1. Definitely! I think so many people come to blogging thinking it’s this quick and easy thing, and I’m like “errr… it’s not”

      I am glad I’m now in a position to give my blog the time and energy it needs. Looking back, there was no way I could have done what I do now, then.

      I cannot believe the difference having a schedule makes. How did I ever manage without one?!

      1. Exactly! A friend of mine came out to me once, after 4 or so years of my having mine and he asked if I could help him create a blog. I was excited because I don’t know anyone in real life who blogs (other than my sister). He said he wanted to make some extra money and when I explained it doesn’t quite work that way, he said, “Oh. Never mind then.” I was so bummed, lol.

      2. Aww what a shame. Yes I think a lot of people see blogging as some get-rich-quick. It doesn’t help when Pinterest is full of “How I made $1000 in my first 3 months of blogging!” – though it’s all pyramid schemes that people don’t realise and just see the figure.

        I helped my sister start a blog but I think she found it too time consuming with little results at the beginning and she kind of lost interest in it. :/

      3. Yeah, I agree. Most people don’t see all the hard work and just see you making money off it. I do hope to make a full-time income from blogging (along with my writing of course) but I’ve been blogging for 6 years and haven’t broken $100 yet. Then I got on Pinterest and I see people writing about making $10k in one month, lol. It’s nuts.

        That’s another thing – most people aren’t patient enough for it. Blogging certainly isn’t for everyone.

      4. I wish you all the luck with your blog hun, I am sure you could make it a full time income. You have such great content and you never miss a posting.

        I think some of these 10k a month blogs are either in really intense niches like mommy blogs or fashion which always have a larger readership.

        Don’t now about you, but sometimes it can be disheartening to see those pins.

      5. Thank you, it definitely just takes time, patience, and hard work.

        I know what you mean. Mommy blogs especially are super popular. They’re all over the place, lol.

        It can be disheartening. Especially when you’ve been blogging for so many years and you’ve still barely made a dent.

  4. Blogging is a huge commitment and I’m glad I started when I did. If this were 5 or ten years ago I would have burned out. I waited a long time to see if I was in right frame of mind. I did not want to create a blog that started out strong but fizzled. I’ve seen way to many of those.

    One needs to be honest with themselves before they start. You created an excellent list. I would advice everyone thinking of taking the leap to look at it and answer each top honestly.

    I’m pleasantly surprised with the fun I am having. But I’m older and a little wiser, I hope. So maybe that helps.

    Great topic as always.

    1. Sounds like you did the right thing and it shows. I definitely needed to be in a better position before I was able to give my blog the time and energy it needed/deserved.

      Aww thanks Bryan, I am glad to know this list is good for people starting out. I write a lot of these posts with confidence then click publish and have those moments of “omg, will anyone even find this useful??” I try and ignore that voice and carry on 🙂

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