What Is The Purpose Of Your Blog?

For those of you who follow me on my Facebook Author page, you may have seen the announcement about my new Blogger Series. 

I will be posting on Thursdays from now with a series of articles designed to help people who are considering starting a blog.  This is the first! 🙂

The Blogger Series: What's the purpose of your blog?  Why do you want to blog?


About The Blogger Series

I decided to start this series after several people contacted me asking about blogging.  Since I’ve been blogging for a while and probably fallen into every pitfall, I am happy to share what I’ve learnt and hopefully help others avoid the mistakes I made.

While this series will be geared towards people wanting to start blogging, I will be covering a lot of different things.  So if you are already a blogger, you might find something useful too.

I have numerous articles to cover in this series.  However, as always, if you have something you want to see, please contact me with your thoughts and if it’s a) not already on my list and b) something I can discuss, I’ll add it to my content calendar.

So You Want To Start A Blog?

Blogging is great.  Especially for writers, because after all, we love writing so this is just an extension of that.  It might not be the same as writing about dragons, murders, spies etc but it’s still fun.

Keep in mind, however, that blogging takes time.  It is more than just writing down your thoughts.

Depending on what you expect from your blog, might mean dedicating more time to it.  Make sure you are prepared for that.

Do You Have A Purpose?

The first thing you need to consider when deciding to start a blog is what’s the purpose of your blog.

If you’re a writer that is looking to expand their audience, a blog can certainly do that.  I started this blog before I ever touched social media.

This blog gave me the opportunity to meet some incredible people who have become wonderful friends and great supporters.

However, before you launch your blog, it’s important to have a really clear idea what your blog’s purpose is.

Maybe you want to:

☆ Journal your writing journey

☆ Share your writing (eg poetry, flash fiction, novella etc)

☆ Give advice on a topic

☆ Support others by opening your platform (sharing others’ articles/guest posting)

☆ Reviewing books or products

These are just a few of the reasons you might decide to start a blog.  Maybe you would want to do a mix of some of these or have another purpose.

Why Do I Need A Purpose?

Having a defined purpose helps you to organise your blog and helps people find you and connect.

If you covered a massive array of random topics that don’t connect, such as animal husbandry, IT support, trekking the Alps… you will not be able to draw in the right sort of followers and your blog posts will mostly be ignored.

Someone may find your post about IT support and then have to wait months for another, all the while not bothering with your animal husbandry posts or photos of your trip to the Alps.  Likely they’ll just leave and find another blog that caters to them fully.

Your purpose helps to keep you on track and actually makes it easier to come up with content.

Think about what you want to offer and what you’d enjoy writing about.

If you’re a new writer, plotting your writing journey can be something that pulls other new writers in.

If you love cat photography, then you can connect with cat lovers through your photos.

For example, I started this blog as a way of sharing my Writing Tutorials.  I had originally posted them on the art community, DeviantArt and they were getting a lot of positive feedback.  I knew I could reach a larger number of people by using a blog since DeviantArt caters more to artists than writers.

Let’s talk about expansion

A good purpose is one that can expand.  Maybe you want to photograph cats.  You could eventually add in dog photos or cat videos or advice on keeping cats.

This blog started with tutorials, then expanded to support other writers when I opened up guest posting and as well as details about my life as a writer.

If your purpose can be expansive, remember to start small.  Pick one main purpose and focus on that.

Are you new to blogging?  What is the purpose of your blog?  

Share your Thoughts image.

Thanks to everyone who joined me this Thursday, I really hope you enjoyed this post about blogging.  I’ll be back next Thursday for another Blogger Series post.

There will be a normal post tomorrow at 18:30 (BST).  See you then!

Happy writing

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25 thoughts on “What Is The Purpose Of Your Blog?

  1. Alison Bell-Roberts

    Hi Ari, I have been thinking for a while about starting a blog but did not know where to start. Then, I came across your blog and I feel that I now have a way forward. I am going to use your really helpful posts on blogging to get myself motivated. I really like your approach and writing style – thank you for writing such great posts which are full of really useful information. I am sure that they will help reduce my confusion.

    1. Hi Alison, thanks so much for reaching out. I am so pleased to hear you like my blog and that my Blogger Series is of use to you.

      If you have any questions do feel free to ask me. If you do start a blog, drop me a link so I can check it out 🙂

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  6. Purpose is so important. I’m reaching my 6-year anniversary with my blog and I originally started so I could have an author platform. Except I just complained about homework most of the time, lol. Now it’s clear and my blog has grown so much, it’s amazing.

    1. Thanks for your comment Rachel. You’ve done an awesome job of building your blog in 6 years. It is always so full of really clear, helpful content.

      Lol I know what you mean, I started mine in 2013 with several tutorials then couldn’t seem to actually write anything new so there were quite a few random posts about my life and my job.

      Took a lot of effort to pull it back to being an actual platform and to clean it up to actually feel like a real, working blog 🙂

  7. Hi Ari! Interesting post! Setting an intention for your post is important, absolutely agree! Little over 4 months into this wonderful world of blogging & having a great time writing.

    My premise: “Starting something is usually the hard part. Get started and keep going! This blog is for anyone who wants to make a start at something new and needs a little motivation. Set your mind to something, and go do it!”

    Just started a weekly challenge last week. Check it out if you get a chance! Would love to see what you come up with 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am glad you are enjoying blogging, that’s the most important – to have fun and enjoy it. When it becomes a chore is when it’s time to re-evaluate.

      I like your premise and think you’ve done a great job on your blog! I wish you all the best with it.

      I will pop over and check out your weekly challenge. Sounds interesting

  8. Great topic! I’m coming up on a year of blogging. I started it to share my writing journey and things I learned along the way. Since I’m writing historical fiction, I’ve also used it as a place to share interesting history tidbits, and share some interesting books I’ve found. I may also occasionally go off on ‘momming’ tangents (though I try to keep them related to writing 🙂 ) It’s been a pleasure to “meet” other people all over the world who share similar interests !

    1. Hi Anne, thanks for the comment. I looks like you started your blog, right out of the gate, knowing your purpose! That’s awesome.

      I love the idea of historical tidbits. What a great way to add something unique but that ties nicely into your writing. 🙂

      Yes, blogging has been wonderful for connecting like-minded people.

      1. Thanks Arti! I really enjoy all of the writing and tech tips you share on yours, too 🙂 You’ve found a lot of useful and interesting things to share.

  9. When I started I promised myself I would not fizzle out. I’ve seen so many blogs that suddenly end as if they fell off a cliff. Before I started I had to be honest with myself: Will I be one of those cliff divers or would you see me around for the long haul?

    I blog twice a week. Wednesday’s I focused mostly on the craft of writing and on Friday I kind of let go and allow myself to talk about other things.

    My commitment is really good. I have not missed a week and I can’t see that happening. Since writing my first novel I’ve learned that dedication is the foundation of success.

    I’ve only been at this since January but already I have met some of the best people in the world. So if the purpose of my blog is to meet great writers than I’d have to say that’s a pretty great purpose.

    1. I think that’s great! You are so right, many bloggers suddenly vanish. I think too many start blogs with the idea that they will get 1000s of followers hanging off their every word, instantly.

      Three months in they realise that’s not happened and they vanish. I think blogging for the love of writing, for the love of blogging is a good way to be. If it becomes a chore, that’s a problem.

      Sounds like you have a wonderful purpose to your blog. Long may it continue 🙂

      1. Thank you, Ari. I spent almost a year studying blogs and asking lots of questions. I’m famous for jumping into the deep end without a life jacket. I thought I’d try something new and learn how to swim.

        You nailed it when you said many first time bloggers assume they will have hundreds, maybe a thousand followers. It takes time and you have to work at it.

        Hard work and dedication have positive outcomes but not everyone agrees.

    1. I think most people start out like that, without a purpose or an identity. But sometimes just starting the blog can open up ideas to what it can become. 🙂

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