12 thoughts on “GP: Cloning & the future of technology by Trish Moran

  1. Hi Clare,

    I love reading, too. I always have a book at hand! I’d be lost without my kindle, though I enjoy reading a real book, too! I can spend many a happy hour in the local library!

  2. Hi Anne,

    I do read a lot of YA fiction. I like reading (and writing) for YA because you can get away with a bit of a stretch from reality that adult readers might not accept! I also enjoy reading adult books – cosy mysteries, some romance, thrillers if they’re not too violent! I enjoy quite a wide variety of books. I always have to have a book at hand!

    • Thank you for your comment. Do you read YA fiction yourself? I see you are a writer of non-fiction history.

      I was interested in your beta reader article on your blog page. As a teacher, I know how important it is to present criticism in the most positive way, and for the recipient to accept guidance to improve work. Useful tips! Thank you.

      • Thanks, Trish! I’m’ working with historical fiction (though I’m pretty hooked on reading the non-fiction, fascinating stuff!) but I LOVE a good YA read. When I was over-busy with full time teaching, I’d justify taking a break and reading MG and YA as ‘research time’ 😀 Whatever the age group or genre, I just enjoy a good story! What about you?

      • I enjoy YA books and also a variety of adult books. I’ve just finished two adult books – Checking Out by Nick Spalding, a really funny novel despite a dark theme and The Transition by Luke Kennard, set in the future. I’ll be looking for a YA novel next! The local library has a good selection. I wish my kindle had a YA section in the bookstore.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I find listening to the news of new technological developments fascinating, but also worrying!

      Looking forward to checking out your website! I’ll be taking a look at your books on my kindle.

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