Why You Should Use A Favicon For Branding

It’s Monday Marketing time.  And I thought today I’d talk about favicons!  Mainly because I recently just learnt about them.

So, have you ever considered using a Favicon as part of your branding?

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What’s a Favicon?

Favicon stands for a favourite icon.  Also known as site icon, website icon or bookmark icon.  It’s that small image that some websites have beside their name on the tab or beside their URL.

You will know many brands by their little favicons, often using their logos – W of WordPress, the “G” of Google, the “twi” of Twitter.

As of writing this, if you look at my URL/tab you will see a little black quill “quill” that is my Favicon.  🙂

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Why use a Favicon?

A favicon is just another piece of your brand.  And branding is important.  Visitors to your website or blog start to associate that symbol with you.  It allows you to stand out in the crowd.

It is also considered by some as a trust image, that they know they are in the correct place.

If someone bookmarks your website, that little symbol will appear in the bookmarks.  Since we are drawn to images more than text, it allows people to locate our pages quicker, within the numerous bookmarks they have.

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What to use as a Favicon?

That is down to you.  Make sure you consider your branding and what image you want to represent you.

If you have a logo, it is best to use a scaled-down version or an amended version.  Like the “P” in Paypal.

You want something that is easy to identify.  Favicons are only 16 x 16 pixels so needs to be identifiable at that small size.

Make sure, when you pick a favicon, not only that it represents your and/or your work, but that it is not a copyrighted image.  Don’t just take a picture from the internet.  Find one that can be used for free or make your own.

If you want something really specific, you can always commission one – check out Fiverr as there are artists there who will create one for you.

Two of my favourite favicons are on the websites of my friends:


Rachel Poli is a writer and blogger and has a cute coffee cup image as her favicon and if you visit her site, you will see this is part of her branding and very recognisable.


Matthew J Mimnaugh is a writer and has a stag image as his favicon and if you visit his site, you will see this is connected to his Law of Seven book series.

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How to Add a Favicon to a WordPress website

If you are on WordPress, here is how you add your favicon.

  • Find/make a favicon image
  • Go to your WordPress blog and select Customize
  • Select the option Site Identify
  • Click the button Select Image
  • Click Upload Files and select your favicon image
  • When the image is uploaded select Publish


Do you have a favicon?  If so, what is it?  If you don’t, are you considering using one and what would you use?

Share your Thoughts image.

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Hope you enjoyed this post.  I look forward to hearing from you regarding your thoughts on favicons!  Leave your messages in the comments below. 🙂

Check back on Wednesday for this week’s guest post.  Don’t forget if you are a writer, I still have some available slots left for guest posting.  Check out my Interested In Guest posting post if you’d like to be a guester.

Happy writing

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28 thoughts on “Why You Should Use A Favicon For Branding

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  6. Thank you for sharing this, and for explaining the ‘what’ as well as the ‘how’- I’d never heard of these before, but it could be fun to try to come up with something. (As well as good marketing, of course 🙂 )

    1. Thanks for the message Anne, apologies for the delay in replying. I have started a bad habit of checking comments when I have no time to reply to them then they get pushed down by further activity.

      I hope you have fun creating your Favicon – any ideas what you might use?

      1. No worries, Ari! Time? What’s that? 🙂
        Technology and I are not great friends, so getting around to MAKING a favicon will be tricky, but the hubby and I both like playing around with art and design, so something original could be fun, again, if we can get the tech to cooperate…

      2. Lol technology and I have a passive aggressive relationship. It barely does what I want and I pretend I’m getting the results I desire.

  7. Amazing post! Thank you! However, I am a teeny bit confused Ari. I have my dark fairy in the “Site Identity” section, (the one you see in this comment), so is that my “brand?” I don’t know, maybe I didn’t read your instructions right, but I really want to do this! Help!

    1. Hi hun, thanks for messaging. I have looked at your site and the dark fairy is definitely part of your brand so a fairy Favicon would work.

      I can see it looks like the fairy is showing as your Favicon, however due to the detail of the fairy, it’s hard to make out. Since a Favicon is only 16×16 pixels anything too detailed will be difficult to see.

      Since the dark fairy is part of your branding, what you could do is locate a silhouette of a fairy and use that as a favicon – that way it ties into the dark fairy image on your blog but is easily recognisable. You want something simple, so just a single fairy image, maybe with wings out so it’s clear what it is.

      If you do a search on pixabay for FREE fairy silhoutte images you can see the sort of thing that might work and download one you like.

      For me, I chose a quill because a) I’m a writer b) I actually own a quill 😀 and c) I have a quill image in my header. But I needed the quill to be easily visible.

      Hope that helps and if you need anything else, just message me again. Am happy to help

      1. hehe I went and checked, then realized I had one already. Now I know what it’s called and how to create one otherwise. I think I’ll keep mine though, it’s exactly the way I like it.


  8. This is such an important part of branding 🙂 I decided to make my own image to make sure it wasn’t a copy of any other already out there on the internet 🙂 Your blog’s doing so great by the way, you’ve really got the marketing thing down, much better than me- I’ve been away for quite a bit ill and am now all over the place but you look to be doing really well, I hope you are well yourself too? ❤ 🙂

    1. Hey hun, thanks for your message. Yeah, it’s such a subtle branding method but so effective.

      Good idea about making your own!

      Aww thank you, I really appreciate that. I have really been cracking on with it in the last few months.

      Ever since I started blogging consistently on Mondays and Fridays I have really noticed a change.

      I’m sorry you’ve been ill and hopefully you can come back to your blog refreshed. You’ve always been great running blogs, your new one will pick up really fast. 😀

      Thank you, yes I’m doing a lot better. We will have to try chat on messenger so we can have a proper catch up 😀

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