Lets Connect! Share Your Blog

One of the main reasons I started this blog, was to help other people.  Too often writers see each other as competition but we are a community.

I love supporting other writers and creative types.  It is why I began to open guest post slots so that people could gain a little extra exposure through this little blog.

Let’s connect with each other, find new blogs, make new friends.

Let's connect! Share your blog

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What to do

Share your blog link in the comments section below.

Please also include some details about who you are, why you started blogging and what your blog is all about.

This is about making connections as well as gaining exposure.  Please check back to this post and I ask that each person check out at least two different blogs listed in the comments section.

Let’s all support each other!

NB: quick note that all comments are moderated, so be patient if you don’t see your comment straight away.

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44 thoughts on “Lets Connect! Share Your Blog

  1. Hi, I’m Bliss. Like that’s my name not like I’m happy (well I am happy but that’s not what I meant). Also, I like to think I’m not ignorant.

    I’m a small child (teenager) from the UK looking to improve my written ability on my long journey towards being a successful novelist. I mostly post short stories which often feel like I’ve taken a moment out of something larger but I also post poetry because that’s a fun time. My blog is a little bit of a mess chronologically right now because I’m working on a schedule in order to have posts going up while I do GCSE exams but all it really means is you’re getting works I did last year mixed with fresh stuff and the difference isn’t really that bad.

    Yes, that is me in the cat hoodie and yes I do own a cat encase any of you were wondering.

    my blog is:

    1. Hi Bliss, thanks for sharing your blog! It is always nice to meet a fellow writer from the UK 🙂

      I think a mix on a blog is good. I often visit blogs I like and trawl through their different posts, even going back to older things – It’s like finding hidden treasure 😀

      What’s your cat’s name?

      1. My cat is called Kitty because I’m unoriginal and silly 😀
        I also have another cat which is technically my sister’s and that one is called Poppy.

      2. Lol actually ive never heard of another cat called Kitty, so in a sense your cats name is pretty unique 😁

        Lol I like how you’ve claimed your sisters cat. We cat people are always looking a ways to have more cats 😸

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  3. Lovely idea, Ari, thank you.
    I’m Lynne and I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half, with a regular weekly post. In line with my being a writer and a visual artist I blog about the creative life, the ebb and the flow, how to nurture it and sustain it, using my passionate interests in psychology, philosophy, and the natural world but with a real world application, sharing my own observations, thoughts, and snippets from my life. This is also a cathartic process for me which I love, and I’m honoured by followers taking the time to read my posts. I never would have imagined I’d take to blogging as much as I have, so it has been a revelation. So topics include all kinds of things about writing, art and the creative life, matters of the head and matters of the heart.

  4. What a magnificent idea Ari! So amazed to see all these famous writers, (published), sharing their blogs, as well as all the other talented writers that posted here! My name is Lynn and this is my blog: https://unchained-heart.com

    I started blogging a few years ago, with two other blogs under my belt, (one that I had to close because WordPress slapped a “mature” label on my blog that got me ripped from tagging anything, YES they do this, so if you drop the “f” bomb too much be wary that THEY will censor you!! And the other I had to close because I shared it with too many “toxic” people and you can guess how THAT turned out!!)

    Anyway, I am back, bigger and better than ever with my third and FINAL blog that I linked above. I am VERY hopeful in gaining a large audience as I work on my own novel about my bipolar illness. Mental Health knowledge is SO vital to our communities, and as a Proud Advocate for Mental Health Awareness, my blog is featured on https://psychcentral.com an AMAZING site that has been around for more than 20 years, which is the LEADING source for EVERYTHING involving Mental Health.

    My blog deals with some REALLY heavy issues; my visions of God and Spirituality and my battle to decipher what is “Mania and Mental Illness” and what is Spiritual and “Holy,” my view on online dating and internet relations, (including our society’s obsession with vanity and how they spread it all over social media), and of course my overall view of the world and life. I work VERY hard on every one of my posts, making it relatable to my audience, and I ALWAYS go the extra mile to visit ALL of my followers’ blogs because “paying it forward” is KEY in the promotion of your blog. Simply collecting “likes” and followers is another example of this “vanity” that has run rampant, so what Ari has done here is SUCH a breath of fresh air.

    I wish all the bloggers here the BEST on their individual journeys, and IF you come and visit my blog and honor me with a “follow,” I will make it my BUSINESS to come and visit yours. You are all amazing for sharing your stories and I look forward to reading some of your work! Thank you for this Ari, truly! ❤

    1. Thanks Lynn, I am glad you have shared your blog. I am sorry to hear your earlier blogs had to be closed. I am sure your current blog will do great!

      We are all about the sharing and encouraging of each other 😀

  5. I blog for agingaintforsissies.com Aging is something we all have to do so we might as well do it while laughing. I look at the humor to be found in our circumstances as we make the inevitable journey into the sunset of our lives. If I have to leave, it will be with a grin on my face and a smile in my heart and perhaps a smear of good chocolate in my beard.

    1. Thanks so much for joining us and sharing your blog! What a great topic for a blog, yes we all do it. It should be something we accept and embrace as another step in the journey 😀 Great blog

    1. Thanks Ally for your message and sharing your blog. I can attest to the difficulties of running two blogs. Great that you’ve combined them!

  6. ktdaxon

    Hi, I’m KT and I currently blog over at http://www.ktdaxon.com. I post on Tuesday’s (writing related posts; tips and tricks, my progress, etc) and on Thursday’s (personal blog post days). I’ve published my first book, Broken Tommorrows, on Amazon this month and am currently working on my next book. You can find those details over on my website. Happy Reading and Happy Writing. I cannot wait to connect!

    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing your blog KT, I am really hoping this post helps us all connect with each other and gain new friends. 😀

  7. Ari, thanks for offering to host this!
    Hi all, I am Anne Clare, and I blog at thenaptimeauthor.wordpress.com.
    I’m writing historical fiction and querying my first novel.
    Like many of you, I started the blog because I was told that I ought to get some social media presence. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other writers, readers and lovers of history.
    I blog about my writing and querying experiences and share any knowledge I’ve gained, (and mistakes I’ve made!) as well as interesting historical tidbits with a focus on World War 2.

    1. Thanks Anne for your message and for sharing your blog! I love historical fiction, I got into it when I was given a copy of Dissolution by C J Samson that is set in the time of King Henry VIII.

      It was something totally new as I’d never read that genre before and I loved it.

  8. Hi,
    I’m Pearl R. Meaker. Like Darlene & Andrew, I started blogging when I was getting ready to publish my first book. I’ve not been as lucky as them at being consistent with mine.

    I’m trying to get going with it again. Right now there’s more reblogged posts on my site than original ones – including some of Ari’s! 😊

    I don’t coach other writers because I feel that I have no advice to offer. We each find our own ways and styles of writing and what works for me might not work for very many other folks. I share some experiences, articles of interest and other people’s blog posts that catch my attention.

    This needs to change if I’m going to blog more often/consistently. I’ve been having a very difficult time finding a focus for either my blog or my newsletter.

    I am nearly finished with the process of rebranding my three existing cozy mysteries (ask Ari about them, she likes them and it’s how we met 😉 ), so there will be some promoting those books and some things about what’s happening with my all new fourth book – and I hope some other things that will interest whoever wanders over to say hello.

    Find me at Pearl’s Pearls: Words & Wanderings of author Pearl R. Meaker.


    1. Pearl I’m sure you can give other writers advice. Even if you are not published you are constantly learning and you can share what you found (that’s what I do). I blog on events I attended, competitions I learn of, useful apps or software, how to stay motivated when it’s not working, my writing space or tools, books I read etc. There is so much I’m sure you could share that would help other writers. I’m going to follow you and hope to see you discover you can write more of your own original content – you can do this. 🙂

      1. Hugs and thank you so much for the encouragement, Ally. 😊 I followed your blog too. If you can, you might want to add the widget thingy to your blog page that will let people follow via email. That’s how I prefer to follow blogs. I totally forget about the “reader” page at WordPress. 😶

        I am published, in that the old editions of my three books are still hanging about on Amazon – they never disappear entirely it seems. It’s the new, totally rebranded editions will be coming up on Amazon by mid May.
        Hugs again!

      2. I second that! We can all give advice as we all have knowledge and personal experience that may just be what someone else needs to hear 😀

    2. Thanks for sharing your blog Pearl and for your message. I think you definitely have advice to give my friend! Don’t be worried about sharing your wisdom, there is always more to learn and I think we can all learn off each other!


  9. mckennadeanromance

    What a cool idea–thank you for the opportunity to share! I’m an author of paranormal romance, but I also like sharing about my pets, hiking, photography, aspects of rural life, and various thoughts on writing. You can find my blog here: http://mckennadeanromance.com/blog

      1. mckennadeanromance

        I was just going to say the same thing about your blog–I can’t figure out how to follow it! 🙂 On mine, the option to subscribe is on the sidebar of the link page I sent–you just type in your email and hit subscribe. I hope to figure out yours soon!

    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing your blog. I love paranormal stories so will be checking out your blog. Rural life, how awesome. I would love to live somewhere a little more rural.

      1. mckennadeanromance

        *grins* Bred and born in the briar patch. Most days I love it, but sometimes I long for the city lights.

  10. My name is Andrew McDowell, and I’m an author. I started blogging in order to build a following and to promote my work. As I didn’t have a lot to advertise about at the beginning, I began and have since been blogging about among other things various aspects of writing and sharing my personal experiences, as a sort of coach for other aspiring writers. https://andrewmcdowellauthor.com/

    1. awkward brown guy

      Hey Andrew, nice to meet another writer 🙂 I’ll check out your writing/writing experiences for sure.

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