March Goals 2018 | Monthly Goals

Another month, another set of new goals for me to attempt and hopefully not fail.

My goals are not just writing goals, because I have other projects that need my time as well.  Also, these aren’t my “to do” lists because that’s a whole other hornets’ nest of tasks.

[ W R I T I N G  ]

01 Write at least 20K for the 85K challenge

I think I overstretched my writing goal for last month so I am making it more manageable for March.  After all, I do have the 30 Day Extra in April to catch up.

02 Complete the outline for my newest WIP

The plot is becoming more solid, I think a few good days of brain-dumping will give the plot.

03 Loosely sketch out ideas for the sequel to Dark Hart

Never managed to complete this one last month, so it’s bouncing to March.  I am not trying to plot or plan it, just figure out which of the MANY ideas I have for this series, is going to be next.

04 Add another 30 scenes to my Master List

I have a lot of scenes (1000s) of my current series already written.  I am currently compiling them into a spreadsheet so I can build up all the different plots and get them in the right order – as well as catalogue everything I’ve written so I don’t miss anything.

05 Clear through another 300 documents

I have a folder where I am trying to store all my writing notes and ideas since…the dawn of time, since I started writing.  I am hoping to eventually have them organised.  It’s a mammoth of a job, but it will definitely be worth it.

[ B L O G G I N G ]

06 Update at least 10 earlier blog posts

Managed to update more than 10 last month, but I’ll keep this at 10 so as not to overstretch myself.

07 Plan all blog posts for this month

I plan my blog posts ahead of time.  Though I am now trying to do them a month at a time.

[ P E R S O N A L ]

08 Reading Challenge 50 (3 books)

Dropping this to 3 books.  Hopefully mid-year will be quieter and I can really catch up on my reading.

09 Organise my study

*sigh* this should not take so freaking long!

[ M A R K E T I N G ]

10 Do (at least) 10 online courses

While I still have access to many online courses I am trying to get through as many useful ones as I can.  I usually manage over this, but again, just in case I get overwhelmed since March is a busy month… I’ll keep it at 10.

[ B U S I N E S S ]

11 Sort and organise the stock inventory

I work from home now running my own business but since I moved to N.I, I have not kept on top of my inventory (not good!)  So I need to give a day over to sorting it all out.

So, do you have any goals?  Do you have monthly or quarterly ones?  Share your tips for completing goals in the comments below!

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Sooo actually gave myself more goals this month, despite it being a busier month.  But at least some of these should not take that long.  *fingers crossed*

Happy writing

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11 thoughts on “March Goals 2018 | Monthly Goals

  1. Wow that’s a lot of goals! Best of luck with them all!

    At the moment, I only set myself yearly goals (e.g. read x number of books, write that draft). I suppose I have a vague breakdown in my head about how that’s supposed to work, but nothing concrete. Part of the reason for that is I can’t always predict in advance what months are going to busier than others and therefore what appropriate goals might be…and I want to avoid causing myself too much stress!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! 🙂 Yeah it is quite a lot, though as long as I get through more than half I’m happy. Then I can just bounce the ones I didn’t complete next month.

      I can appreciate it is not easy with goals because sometimes a busy month can hit you in the face 🙂 I have a basic idea of which months will definitely be busy for me and after I get through a few goals in the month I can figure out if I need to reduce them next month. 🙂

      Good luck with your own goals

    1. I got three months premium on SkillShare for like 79p so I’ve been going through as many as I can. 😀 Mostly on marketing, social media, blogging, but they do have writing courses and hundreds more. I can drop you a note that gives you a free month or two so you can have a look if you want?

    1. lol I like to keep busy. By planning a good amount of goals it keeps me from sneaking off and procrastinating with TV series / social media (well… mostly!) lol

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