Tell Me About Yourself

I have been fortunate that so many lovely people have followed my blog, liked the articles and left comments.  Since I started writing this blog you may have come to know a little more about me.

So this week, I thought we’d do something a little different.  I would love to learn more about you.  Where you are from, why you love to write, what you hope for 2018…


Share something in the comments or if you are shy, you can always use the Contact Form to reach out.  You don’t need to have a WordPress account to leave comments, though please note all comments are moderated.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s connect!

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Not sure what to say in a comment?  How about answering this random question.  If you grew a tail, what type of tail would you want? (don’t I ask the real hard-hitting questions!)

To get the ball rolling, my answer would be scorpion tail.  Useful for people who sit in front of you at the movies and talk.  JAB!

44 thoughts on “Tell Me About Yourself

  1. Hey there Ari! Lovely to connect with you. Thank you for the follow, more than happy to reciprocate – delighted! I’m in the Scottish Borders near Jedburgh, but my family home is in the North East of England where you seem to be, so I’ll know that accent! It’s a real treat to find you so close to home.

    I write to use my ideas and observations about human nature and personal development, but I also find the craft of writing well such a consuming challenge and passion. I also love painting and illustration inspired mostly from the natural world, which was first in line for me in my life after quite a period of ignoring the ‘real’ me and having to have a ‘proper’ job. In 2018 I have to go back to promoting my art again after a hiatus. I taught classes in art for ten years, with masses of written guidelines but now I’m enjoying not teaching at all and just doing more of my own work. I aslo must must must finish my second novel, set in Chelteham in the 90s, where I used to live and work. Lovely to meet you!

  2. Hi Ari, I teach creative writing in a lifelong learning for Pembrokeshire County Council , West Wales(so my students age range is from twenty to eight-five years at the moment) I grew up in Yorkshire but have lived with my family here in Wales fot forty year – glorious coastal walking. I’ve had five books published by Honno, Welsh Women’s Press.This is me: All the best.Oh, and I could write a post on teaching memoirs or anything on taking a creative writing class. thank 17th June? if it’s not taken by now, of course.Thanks

    1. Oh wow, that must keep you busy but what a great job, teaching creative writing. 😀 You grew up in Yorkshire? I grew up in Lancashire 😀

      I have put you down for 24th June as the 17th was taken. I am happy for you to do a topic on teaching memoirs or taking a class (if you felt up to it, you could write both and I can give you two guest slots!) 😀

      1. Thank you so much, Ari; the 24th June is absolutely great. I can write a post on teaching memoir writing. I could also write a post on writing the short story with all the components needed to make it work? Cheers, Judith

      2. Both of those sound great! I would be happy to give you two slots, I don’t think I’ve had any articles on either of those topics!

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  4. I’m an Englishman living in southern Switzerland for the last 16 years. I teach English and translate, both on a freelance basis. I get by, and I love the independence.

    I’d have a lizard’s tail. The end can fall off in a moment’s notice and it’ll grow back. Handy for dodging people.

    1. Hi Christopher, thanks for sharing. Wow Switzerland. What made you choose that country to move to?

      I love the tail suggestion, that is a great reason! 😀

  5. Hi Ari, how’s it going. Fun idea for a blog post btw. I’m British, writing since forever, and have published two e-books. I love fantasy and Terry Pratchett is my favourite writer. The day job is writing online copy for an energy company. And I’d have a monkey tail, to let me swing around the treetops!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Great tail choice 🙂 Always nice to meet another British writer. Terry Pratchett was an awesome writing, I love his work. My favourite book of his was Witches Abroad 😀

      Would you be interested in doing a guest post on this blog? I have some available slots in June. It can either be an article or an interview. Let me know if you’re interested 🙂

      1. Awesome! Thanks 🙂

        Please read through this link below, it goes through all the details of what I need for a guest post, what I do and don’t accept.

        At the end of the post, there is a list of available slots. Just let me know which slot you want so I can assign you to it and the topic you choose (or if you want it to be an interview)

        Please note that deadlines are Sunday to give me time to sort the post ready for publishing on the following Wednesday.

        Any questions, let me know 🙂

    2. Thanks for your comment! Great tail choice ) Always nice to meet another British writer. Terry Pratchett was an awesome writing, I love his work. My favourite book of his was Witches Abroad 😀

      1. Excellent choice. My favourite is Night Watch. If you get the chance to get to the exhibition ‘HisWorld’ at Salisbury Cathedral I highly recommend it.

  6. Ti

    I live in the American state of Georgia in a small city Leesburg. I have no social media set up for my writing. Creating a online writing present is one of my goals for 2018.
    Also, 2018 I plan on finishing my first full complete draft(s)
    I am also, going back to University for a degree in Fine Arts
    A about 16 started writing. Then I found my story idea was already a publish novel. Self-doubt caused me to stop writing for many years. Now almost 20 years later I want to write. It is slow going as, I am still trying to find my voice.
    If I grew a tail, it would be a cat’s tail. As they are so cute, come in so many textures, and can show so much attitude!

    1. Good luck with your 2018 goals! And let me know when you have that online writing presence set up so I can follow.

      I am sorry to hear that you stopped writing because of self-doubt. It is a crippling sense writers especially suffer. I am glad you have returned to writing, the world always needs more writers.

      Fine Arts degree sounds great! What made you choose that?

      Lol I like that idea of a cat’s tail for attitude 🙂

  7. I live in Greece and I wouldn’t call myself a writer but I love putting some thoughts of mine to paper now and then. It helps to find people that share my interests. I hope the new year brings me less anxiety and more time to read (and write too), talk about books and meet more interesting people!

  8. Andrew Kopecky

    Ari, I’d grow a comet’s tail. And you’d see me in the night sky, quiet, alone, seeming not to be in motion at all, but in fact hurtling through space faster than you can imagine. Actually, the reason I’d want to grow a comet’s tail is that I’d prefer to be a comet than an animal. About me: I’m a people person. Life for me is about relationships. I’m sensitive and I feel my emotions strongly, but know how not to show them. The focus of my writing is the relationships between the characters. Developing those relationships is what I like to do and what I think I do best. I’m currently in the final revision stage of a novel I wrote twenty years ago and picked up last year to do a complete rewrite. It’s literary fiction, which is all I can write, and centers around a man’s relationship with his (female) guardian angel. No sex, no expressions of love, but there is otherwise plenty of love in the story. I’m married and have two kids, a son, 21, and a daughter, 14. My family are the world to me, more important than anything I could ever write. 2018? Finish the current novel and read-write the one I started in Nanowrimo (57K words). In my writing I aim to be sincere in every word I write. Every single one of my words has to come from the heart. I can’t write anything anymore that doesn’t come from the heart. Ari, you’re a wonderful woman. Keep up the good work.

      1. Wow that is a great tail suggestion! I have never come across that one before! (I ask this question to people in real life….I don’t know why!)

        It’s great that you are into connecting, I think with the internet we are living a paradox. We can communicate with people around the global and yet at the same time we often feel more isolated and alone. So I think it’s good when people can make new connections.

        Your novel sounds interesting, I am looking forward to hearing more about it. I think it’s great that you went back to your novel even if it meant doing a full re-write.

        I look forward to your guest post next year 🙂 Thanks for all your support and kind words

  9. A monkey tail would be useful for climbing and grabbing tools. Miss Plumtartt says that it matches my personality. I betcha I could learn to write with it!

    This year I intend to write a REAL scary book, not just pretend-scary.

    1. I like the idea of the tail and that it is for usefulness 😀

      Interesting goal my dear Ichabod! I look forward to hearing more of this scary book!!

  10. A dragon’s tail. They are magical and strong, almost every continent has dragon legends, and sometimes they are good and protect the people who dwell near them.

    Except for one year of living in Massachusetts, I’ve lived my whole life in the American Midwest, currently living in Central Illinois. I have traveled a fair amount, having been to almost every state in the US and to England twice and Scotland once.

    I love to write because I love to give other people an opportunity to leave their troubles behind, go somewhere else and get immersed in other people dealing with their problems – for which I love to supply a just and mostly happy ending.

    In 2018 I will be finishing the process of rebranding and releasing new editions of my three cozy mystery books and writing and releasing a new fourth book in the series. 😊

    1. Hi Pearl, I love the tail idea! I love dragons and the many legends that span the globe.

      Wow you are a real traveller! I think it’s wonderful you’ve been to so many places. Which was your favourite place to visit?

      Aww that a great reason for writing. I think that’s awesome. When I read, I just get lost in those worlds and they give me so much relief from stresses.

      Wow sounds like you’re going to be really busy in 2018! Good luck with it all. I look forward to seeing the rebrand.

      1. I’m way behind answering you. Sorry. 😞

        Which was my favorite place to visit?
        Wow, that’s a tough question. Each place had its own something special about it and that makes it hard to choose. My daughter and I had a blast in England and Scotland in 2005 as did my Mom and I when we went to England when I was 17, back in 1971. (Yeah, I’m that old. 😄 ) There is something cool about going to another country. But I’ve loved most everywhere I’ve visited, whether abroad or here in the States. Just seeing different places and hearing different accents is such a blast!

        Yep – relief from stresses and worries, that’s what I love about reading and why it is what I love to be able to give to others.

        I’ll be showing the new covers for the existing books soon! I think you’ll like them.


  11. It’s nice to see publishing goals, but there’s not much information behind the author, so I’ll break the mold.

    I’m from New Jersey and based near the capital. It’s called Central Jersey but most other states either think we’re north or south Jersey, not recognizing that a middle exists.
    Unlike most authors I know, I am not camera shy. I had done acting classes in high school, performed in plays and musicals, and I actually enjoy public speaking. But don’t confuse my ability to speak with extrovertedness because I am definitely NOT extroverted.

    I have a very small social battery. I can be funny and outgoing for a certain time window before I finally get tired and want to go home. I don’t like going to events, parties, and I especially HATE weddings because they make me want to shoot myself from boredom. The irony is, people always want to invite me to their damn events and I’m always having to decline. Unless I really like you, I don’t give one crap about your party. Also, I taught myself how to say no and it has done wonders for me.

    Sorry if that sounds mean, it’s just the way I’m wired.

    In terms of writing, though I had always written stories since middle school (1996) I never considered writing as a career. Instead I focused on television production, video editing, and motion graphics. Unfortunately, these jobs often came with no quality of life and high amounts of stress and pressure. Pay was nice, especially from some of the companies I worked for, but it wasn’t something I could do until 4 in the morning like they wanted me to.

    You know what I could do until 4, 5 in the morning? Write. I’m still dubious that I could make a living off my writing but at this point, I know it’s something I want to do and it’s something I enjoy doing. And this is where I’ll finally plug my book for a sentence or two.

    I love strong female protagonists and I enjoy stories about them. But the current crop of characters and tales available are not to my liking. They either lack the physique, the personality, or the fall into trope where they have to fall in love with some man. So I wrote a superheroine story to fill this need of a female protagonist to my liking. One that is shaped by the trauma of her past and then stomps anyone in her way to get revenge.

    Unlike most superhero stories, her parents are still alive, she’s married, and she didn’t come from a wealthy background. Also, she has muscles which is something very rarely seen in superheroines. Even She-Hulk often times looks like a tall green model. So I wrote The Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter to avoid or subvert the clichés.

    She’s not a bubbly, always in a good mood heroine. Or the opposite, a constantly dour, personality-less drone. She is a woman, she’s a fighter, and if you cross her, she will make you regret it.

    Okay, sorry for the long post. Hope you all enjoyed it!

    (Book should be published early next year.)

    1. Hi Wilmar, thanks for sharing. Wow it is rare to meet a writer who is not camera shy and is good at public speaking! Maybe you should teach a class to the rest of us to get those fears away 😊

      “Unless I really like you, I don’t give one crap about your party.” – this made me laugh out loud. I feel the same way myself.

      I don’t think it’s mean to say no. I think too many people don’t say no and it can be very detrimental.

      Wow sounds like you had a very hectic life, with the television production etc. But eeek not good to be working until 5am.

      I like how different your heroine’s background is to most superheroes. Good, strong female protagonists can be hard to find at times.

      Good luck with all your writing, my friend.

  12. I am going to publish something that is not fully-rooted in humor. And it may very well kill me to do it. Just one little insanely awesome insult? Somewhere? An f-bomb? No? Oh, alright. I have a hard time not using my go-to coping mechanism. Shocker.

    Smooches, Ari!

    1. lol ahh Cass, I am rooting for you… because I know how hard it will be for you NOT to drop in a butt-joke or an f-bomb. I’m sure you will do fabulous though, my dear!

  13. I live in Maryland. I write because I enjoy crafting poetry and stories. For 2018, I look forward to the publication of my novel Mystical Greenwood, and to make some headway on at least one new book.

    1. Thanks Andrew for sharing. Great goals for 2018 and I really hope you succeed!

      Would you like to do a guest post for this blog? I have some slots available for June? Let me know if you’re interested and I can send you details.

      1. Hi Andrew, thanks. Check out this page that covers all the details, requirements and what I will/won’t accept.

        There is a list of available deadline slots (deadlines are Sunday giving me chance to sort the post ready for the following Wednesday).

        It can be an article or an interview. Once you’ve decided let me know the topic of your article (if you choose article) and the deadline date you want so I can assign it to you.

  14. Lion’s tail because why not. I live in England, love to write because my brain is scary. For 2018? To finish a book properly, to get rid of a load of books I have piled up.

    1. I think a lion’s tail is a great suggestion, I like the little tuft at the end. 🙂 Ooh what part of England do you live in? I have just left Lancashire to move to Northern Ireland.

      lol what a great reason for writing. I love it.

      Good luck for your goals for 2018 😀

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