On a Short Hiatus

I guess technically I’ve already been on hiatus, but I hadn’t really acknowledged it to myself.

Instead, I have just constantly been berating myself for not keeping up with my blogging schedule (amongst other things) which has perpetuated the cycle of stress and self-hate.

But I am now very aware that I’ve been struggling more than I realised recently and need to take an actual step back from my online places for a short time.

I know those of you who visit this blog will have seen a reduction in posts and missed deadlines and even my not-yet-written post popping up because I had hit schedule, not draft.

So since I’m struggling to keep myself afloat online as well as offline, I am just going to step back, get my head together, re-group and will return in a short while.

Thank you for all your comments (I will be replying to them when I get back), faves, follows and continued support. It means the world to me.



3 thoughts on “On a Short Hiatus

  1. I hope you have a good rest and time away <3. You must always take care of yourself first. Take care and if you ever need to talk you know how to get hold of me. Sorry I've been away myself a bit but know we can always talk. Have some fun and rest as long as you need, as Pearl says don't feel bad for taking time off and don't feel the need to keep up with your plans for the blog (when you come back) if you don't want. Some of us revamp our whole blog schedule and some like me simply don't have one and it works too ! :). Hugs ❤ ❤ =^_^=

  2. Never feel badly for taking care of your own health – physical, mental or emotional. You’re the only you you have. 😉

    I’ll be keeping you in thought and prayers, Ari. 🙏 Hope you start feeling stronger soon. ❤️


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