How To Finish Your Writing Projects

Today I wanted to share someone else’s wisdom!  So please check out this post about finishing writing projects from my friend and fellow writer Robert Evenhouse over at


Last week I listened to a podcast about creativity. In it writer Jeff Goins and Dr. Keith Sawyer discuss how creative people function and the contents of Dr. Sawyer’s book Zig Zag. One idea they mentioned was that writing or creativity does not have to be perfect. But there should be movement from one project to another.

Besides fear, this is one of the main issues I have with writing. Battling the urge to make a billion tweaks until it reaches perfection versus sending out projects before they are finished is a weekly struggle.

I forget that having a process means that some of my writing will work and some will fail and whatever form of failure I feel is not a reflection of me. Finishing anything – a book, a blog post, a book proposal – is an opportunity to learn how to write better.

Finish - Track

The trouble is that I thought any writing process needed to be straightforward…

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3 thoughts on “How To Finish Your Writing Projects

    1. My pleasure 🙂 I am very close to finishing my first preternatural urban fantasy novel in a series. By the way Robert, if you would like to do another guest post I would love to have your contribution again. I always enjoy your posts.

      1. Air, well done! It’s a great feeling to finish a project no matter the length. I have a couple of deadlines right now but I would love to do another one. I’ll add it to the queue but if you have a date in mind please send that along and I’ll let you know if it works.


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