It’s Time To Commit To Being Creative

We all have those moments, lingering senses of stagnation or apathy.  The best way to get through them is to release your creativity.  Everyday!

Creative people need to be creative. We need to dip into that rich, vibrant well frequently, for our own sanity.

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So just do something. Anything. Be creative.

You don’t need to write an opera or sculpt a life-size model of Benedict Cumberbatch (although that latter one sounds pretty fun 😉 ) 

Just do something.

Doodle, sing out of key, paint your nails in multiple colours, write a haiku… it’s about doing something.  About tapping into that creativity and letting it out. Think of it like releasing pressure.

We creatives get extremely crabby if we don’t get creative often enough.  The problem can be that we feel we need to be specifically creative.

So, I’m a writer and I often feel that if I’m not WRITING then I’m getting stressed.

Step away and do something new

But sometimes I just can’t write, so rather than using that as an excuse to do nothing which increases my stress and stagnation, the idea is to do something creative no matter what.

Doing different creative endeavours is good for many things, it can inspire us, it can open up new opportunities, it can help us become more focused.

Creativity can allow us to sink into the moment.  Now with so much social media, we are barely present, living through social networking, measuring our events by how people react to them as we expose them on Facebook or Twitter, stretching ourselves thin over so many different places.

Instead, just be!

Live in the present, live within your creativity.

Try something new.

So what creative endeavours do you enjoy?

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Happy creating, people!

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9 thoughts on “It’s Time To Commit To Being Creative

  1. I went through a period of depression and I realized most of it was attributed to not being creatively challenged. I decided this year I was gonna learn graphic design so everyday i’ve had a new passion for life. It’s amazing what happens when we stifle creativity.

    1. Hi Ellen, thanks for sharing. Yes, it is so striking how important creativity is to our wellbeing. Good luck with your graphics design. The world always needs more creative souls 🙂

  2. I have been dry as a desert for about four months. I haven’t don’t any writing and haven’t been able to settle into any of my crafts either. This was a good nudge to do something – anything – to stir the pot.

    You said: “Now with so much social media we are barely present, living through social networking, measuring our events by how people react to them as we expose them on Facebook or Twitter, stretching ourselves thin over so many different places.”

    That is soooo true! I’m also so burned out on riding the social media merry go round. I keep hoping it will start to lose it’s grip on society so we can go back to being real people with real friends instead of always looking at the numbers at the top of our pages.

    Lots o’ hugs and thanks for this post!

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been dry for so long. I hope you’ve managed to do something else to stir the creative cauldron. I organised all my coloured pens, it made me very calm! lol

      Yes, I seriously can’t enjoy social media. It is too limiting, there is no real connection. When I first came online years ago, when the internet was still pretty new and not “everyone” was one, there were forums, chatrooms (nice ones), groups and messengers. People would actually INTERACT with each other, have conversations rather than just announcing their lives like they do on facebook.

      I see posts all the time saying “I am so tired, going to order takeout and then go to bed” and I think…would you normally tell people that? Is that something we all need to know?

      I miss having conversations, I miss having real friendships were you learn about people and connect with them. It just doesn’t happen with social media. If you’re lucky, you will meet someone who you connect with and that will evolve to being on messenger or Whatsapp or text/calls so it becomes more like a friendship were two people talk. But seriously that is so few and far between.

      PS: If I’m ever around and you want to chat, note me on messenger 🙂

  3. I’ve often done other creative things, I love drawing and crafting things. I think creating new and weird things out of lego when I was younger might have counted towards creativity too lol :). Great post!

    1. omg I LOVE lego, used to enjoy just making random things and hated the idea of kits! I would much rather make my own thing than what’s drawn on the box.

      You will have to show me some of your artwork. I love drawing and love seeing other artists’ work. It’s so easy to lock ourselves into doing a single creative endeavour.

      I found a few years ago, when I felt totally stagnated, my partner suggested we do pottery because I’d wanted to do it forever and we took a class then ended up at the studio for several years, him making bowl/cups etc on the wheel and me sculpting monsters, animals, dinosaurs, castles and the likes. Was brilliant and really kick started all my other creativity too.

      1. Pottery sounds fun, if a bit messy to start with. Can’t imagine the skill it takes to make a bowl :). I’d love to sculpt something detailed. I did art at achool for GCSE and did a sugar cube castle once 🙂 lol Unfortunately my school was a terrible one for art and they trashed all the sculptures before had a chance to collect after the exams were over :(. Did two sculptures and also lost my end of year art exam pieces as my school teacher demanded that it was school property…I think that experience led to a few years of ‘going off’ art and a general low confidence in my own creativity :(. At least I’ve got it back now :D!

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