Why I’m Bad At Being An Adult (pt.2)

Since many of you found my last Bad At Being An Adult article both amusing and pretty close to home yourselves, I thought I’d bring out part two.

There will probably be a lot more of these eventually because I feel I do quite a few too many things in my adult life that makes me a bad adult.



Grocery Shopping

shopping cart isolated on white

I do try and mostly act like an adult when grocery shopping… well…okay not much.

I guess it starts with the trolley (cart). I’m usually in charge of the trolley because my partner is the one actually focusing on the food buying…since he does the cooking.

This usually ends up with me getting bored enough to start whizzing down the aisles, leaning over the handlebar, feet off the floor to see how far I can go on the momentum.


Lost Money


I am actually good with my money, that is money in the bank. I have bank accounts for different things, know when monies are going out when my direct debits and standing orders are scheduled for.

However, CASH is another matter. I am forever finding random amounts of cash around the house, inside pockets, dropped in the bottom of my bag.

Usually, it’s the change from some note and that change was meant to go somewhere or to someone but ended up just living in a coat pocket for like 4 months.


Zero Will Power

Hot chocolate

Yup, I have no will power. Like… NONE.

There are MANY examples of this, but I’ll just use one here.

At work, we have hot drinks vending machine that’s totally free and no matter how much I tell myself I will NOT have a hot chocolate, I usually end up having about 3 a day.

Which, health-wise, is pretty shocking!

I have got it down to 1 a day…unless I have a bad day.


Dealing with Emails

Email Computer For Emailing Or Contacting

I no longer enjoy dealing with emails.  It has become a chore and like my last Bad adult article, I’m not big on chores if I can get away with them.

So I end up leaving my inbox(es) until they get so full that I have to spend DAYS going through and clearing them out.

By then I’m sick of emails and stop reading them for weeks again and the whole cycle starts anew.




Hungry bearded man in filthy shirt eating hamburgers

Recently I seem incapable of eating anything without spilling something on myself.

Seriously, it’s like I need a damn bib!

Most of my clothes now need stain treatment before they go in the washing machine.

(Also, since ketchup seems to be something I spill on myself a lot these days, this is why I picked this picture to represent this).


Unreadable Handwriting


(I appreciate the irony of a writer who struggles to write) I did actually struggle to write when I was a child but one of my teachers persevered and helped me write well(ish).

I learnt cursive and how to write so it was readable.

I’m not sure what happened but I’m no longer capable of writing legibly unless it’s all in capitals…. so that’s how I write!


Forgetting Celebration days


Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings… it really doesn’t matter what type it is – I won’t remember it and that’s probably because I don’t care.

I don’t understand the fuss over some of these arbitrary markers in life and so struggle to remember to offer congratulations… or turn up to celebrate them. (unless forced by family members).

Since everyone else seems so bothered, I have tried to add them to my diary in order to remember them.


Losing Important documents

Documents on the Table

I blame this on being a writer and thus having a paper-farm (a place were paper breeds).

I will often receive some important document like notification about my pension fund or a bill that’s due or a new bank card… I usually end up taking it into my study (Paper farm)….where I promptly lose it.

I then forget about it until it becomes urgent and then there’s a mad panic of digging through stacks of random paper trying to find it.

Currently, this is the case with the Eye-Care voucher I received from work that allows me a free eye test… and expires in like 3 weeks!

Can I find it!? Of course not! Have I had it for over a year?  Well yes, but dealing with it was not really a priority….until now. 😀

Any these sound familiar to you or do you have your own Bad At Being An Adult moments?

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Happy writing

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5 thoughts on “Why I’m Bad At Being An Adult (pt.2)

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    1. lol love it! Yeah, vacuuming is sooo boring. We got a Roomba, he is great though can’t handle all the cat hair but it’s fun watching the cats all sitting on high watching it move.

    1. I’m in my mid-thirties and I just seem to be getting worse as I get older. So yeah, maybe it is age! 😀 Good to know there are others out there being just as bad at being adults!

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