Something To Watch

Following a family emergency I haven’t really been able to prepare a blog post for this Friday. So I thought I’d share some videos I found that I thought were interesting.

The first is on Minimalism, the idea of having more by owning less. I’ve been working towards minimalism myself as I crave more time to pursue my true passions. What do you want to give more time to?




The second is Living Without Shame – this woman’s story is incredible and sadly her experiences reveal exactly what people can be like with how they reacted to her. We as a species seem to pride ourselves on judging others – Yet maybe more people should remember the adage “Don’t judge people, you never know what battle they are fighting”




As a Highly Sensitive Person, I enjoyed this video, especially as so few people seemed to know what a HSP is. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with being HSP. I am blessed that my partner understands me, understands how things can affect me and has helped me see it less as a hassle and more as something that should be celebrated.




There will be a guest post next week. Please check back. As always please feel free to drop comments or questions, I have enjoyed connecting with so many bloggers and writers 🙂

Ari x

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