The Translator

Translator.jpgI’ve been having a rough time over the last few weeks, it’s dropped my mood and made it hard to focus. Add to that minimal sleep and screaming headaches and I’ve not been my warm fuzzy self. :pΒ  That’s not really changed but I wanted to put something up.

Here is a silly post about writer comments and their translations. I hope you enjoy it.

Would you like to read this chapter when you have some time? No rush πŸ™‚

Translation: Stop everything you are doing and read this. Now!


Tell me what you think and be honest, I can take it πŸ™‚

Translation: OMG please don’t say anything negative, I sweated blood on this for like 4 years and so much as an eye twitch will send me crying in the corner.


You don’t like my protagonist? Oh okay, no I understand, that’s fine.

Translation: What is wrong with you!? My protagonist is awesome and how can you not see that? You’re dead to me!


Yes, I have a little case of writers block right now, but it’s fine, it doesn’t really bother me any more. It’ll pass any day now. πŸ™‚

Translation: Holy Hell, this is never going to end!!! I will never write another word ever. I’m done,I’ll never be a real writer. *throws a tantrum on the rug*


I love every aspect of writing, yes even editing.

Translation: I think I have read this damn manuscript so many times it’s starting to blur and I just keep putting in words and then taking them out in the next pass. GODS I HATE EDITING!!!


Pffts, no I don’t mind if I never become a full time writer. It’s all good.

Translation: Please let me be a full time writer and be paid to do the one thing I truly love. I don’t know how long I can hold my crazy back in my “normal” job and I’ve already run through enoughΒ  murder scenes for my boss that I am seriously wondering if I’m actually going to turn into a serial killer


Oh I know, book signings seem so great, I would love to do one

Translation: Serious!? People expect me to read aloud from my own book, then answer questions and make eye contact with readers!? Are you people insane!? *introvert overload*


Being a writer is awesome, it’s what I was born to do.

Translation: Being a writer is awesome, it’s what I was born to do



Thanks for all the faves and comments and follows, it’s been a real treat connecting with other writers and readers.

It has been lovely reading your comments πŸ™‚

There will be no guest post next week as it’s Blog Hop week that I am DEFINITELY going to remember to participate in this time.

So check back on Wednesday for that and do join in the Blog Hop πŸ™‚

Happy writing


NB: picture purchased from (supporting other creatives) πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “The Translator

  1. Dry nice humor with your interpretations – hah
    And side note – for your headaches – try magnesium!
    I know soooooooo many folks who have eradicated headaches with a good mag supplement – ((and the cluelessdoctors blog lady has done research and uses magnesium for thousands))
    Anyhow – – magnesium chloride is one of the best – -and “ancient minerals” sells a spray (under ten dollars) so you can get absorbable magnesium transdermally

    But Trader Joe’s has a cal-mag in a green base that is highly absorbable –
    But I also like a “solaray” mag
    And sorry to ramble – but I really believe we all could benefit from more magnesium – especially those who had headaches –
    And the good news is that it will (or can) infuse your writing cos when one is more balanced that helps all things –

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