The Translator: What The Writer Says vs What They Mean

I’ve not been feeling great for the last few weeks, so rather than a normal tutorial post I thought I’d do something simple and silly about writer comments and their translations.  Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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Would you like to read this chapter when you have some time? No rush.

Translation: Stop everything you are doing and read this.  Now!


Tell me what you think and be honest, I can take it.

Translation: Oh my God, please don’t say anything negative.  I sweated blood on this for like 4 years and if you give so much as an eye twitch will send me crying in the corner.

You don’t like my protagonist? Oh okay, no I understand, that’s fine.

Translation: What is wrong with you!?  My protagonist is awesome and how can you not see that?  You’re dead to me!


Yes, I have a little case of writers’ block right now, but it’s fine, it doesn’t really bother me anymore.  It’ll pass any day now.

Translation: Holy Hell, this is never going to end!!!  I will never write another word ever. I’m done, I’ll never be a real writer. *throws a tantrum on the rug*


I love every aspect of writing, yes even editing.

Translation: I think I have read this damn manuscript so many times it’s starting to blur and I just keep putting in words and then taking them out on the next pass.  GOD, I HATE EDITING!!!  When will this end?


Pfft, no I don’t mind if I never become a full-time writer.  It’s all good.

Translation: Please let me be a full-time writer and be paid to do the one thing I truly love. I don’t know how long I can hold my crazy back in my “normal” job and I’ve already run through enough murder scenes for my boss, that I am seriously wondering if I’m actually going to turn into a serial killer one of these days.


Oh yes, book signings seem like a great idea.  I would love to do one.

Translation: Serious!? People expect me to read aloud from my own book, then answer questions and make eye contact with readers!?  Are you people insane!?  *introvert overload*


Being a writer is awesome, it’s what I was born to do.

Translation: Being a writer is awesome, it’s what I was born to do

 ~ ☆ ~

Happy writing

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12 thoughts on “The Translator: What The Writer Says vs What They Mean

  1. Dry nice humor with your interpretations – hah
    And side note – for your headaches – try magnesium!
    I know soooooooo many folks who have eradicated headaches with a good mag supplement – ((and the cluelessdoctors blog lady has done research and uses magnesium for thousands))
    Anyhow – – magnesium chloride is one of the best – -and “ancient minerals” sells a spray (under ten dollars) so you can get absorbable magnesium transdermally

    But Trader Joe’s has a cal-mag in a green base that is highly absorbable –
    But I also like a “solaray” mag
    And sorry to ramble – but I really believe we all could benefit from more magnesium – especially those who had headaches –
    And the good news is that it will (or can) infuse your writing cos when one is more balanced that helps all things –

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