8 Weird And Wonderful Bad Habits I Have

No guest post today so I thought I would give you a little post about me.  After so many people enjoyed my post “I am Bad at Being an Adult” I decided to write this.

As well as being a pretty rubbish adult, despite being in the middle of my third decade… I have some annoying habits to go with that bad adulting.

Maybe you will read some of these and realise you do them too…and that I’m not just alone in my crazy.


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1. Incapable of Charging

Yes whether it’s my phone, my electric toothbrush, my laptop, camera or any number of electronic devices… I am a pain for ignoring all those charge warnings until things start dying around me.

I then deal with that by stressing out that I a) can’t find the charger and b) that I REALLY need to use that device that is now dead.

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2. Never empty the Vacuum

While I do vacuum, I seem to have a blind spot for noticing it needs emptying… okay that is a complete lie, I just hate doing it.

The few times I have done it, usually ends up with me getting a face full of dust no matter how careful I am.

So usually I just continue to use the thing until it’s so jam-packed it won’t pick up ANYTHING and then my long-suffering partner has to dig out the compacted dust and cat hair in order to empty it.

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3. Easily Distracted

This one drives my partner batty.  Everything from a pretty looking tree, to a cluster of wildflowers to a million and one birds and insects either in our garden or out in the fields while I’m driving will distract me.

I am forever stopping in mid-sentence to go “Ooh look a Kestrel!” or “look, look a bumblebee.”

While he takes it in good and slightly amused form, he does have to continually draw me back to my conversation…oft times I can’t remember what I was saying. (Scatterbrained is definitely a writer trait though, right??)

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4. I Talk to the Animals

Nope, I am not just talking about speaking to our hoard of cats or the cocky little budgie we have.

That would be normal (for an animal person) I talk to other animals… like arguing with snails or worms that end up on the pavement and at risk of getting crushed underfoot.

I talk to my car, especially when he feels the need to snatch my bag strap on the gear-stick when I’m trying to get out…

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5. Putting Stuff Down Randomly

I did mention this is my Bad At Being An Adult post, but I think it deserves another mention.

I am awful for this, just wandering around the house with keys, phone, purse, chapstick, hairbrush, cat medication, scrunchies and a million and one other things.

I pick them up, wander around and then, for no reason I can see, will put them down in random places…and I do mean random.

Like the time I put my phone in the storage box where the bath towels are kept and then was late for work trying to find it.

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6. Destroying the Love of Music

I am one of those awful people who will latch onto a song and play it to death… I mean TO DEATH.

It’s on the iPod, on Youtube, in the car… usually on constant repeat…for hours until everyone including me, is sick to death of it (my death if I don’t stop playing it!)

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7. The Key Conundrum

This is another of my partner’s pet peeves.  My ability to lose my keys ON my person! I seem incapable of keeping things in the same place.

So when I go to the shops, my keys (car and house combined) will sometimes be tucked in my waistband at my hip, sometimes dumped in my Mary Poppins (things get lost forever) handbag or in my coat pocket.

This then means I have a huge panic attack when I get to the car, check my hip and the keys aren’t there.

Several checks later find them at the bottom of my bag or in my jeans pocket or even better, in my partner’s pocket when I passed them to him.

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8. The Pen Obsession

Maybe as a writer, it’s acceptable to have a Pen Obsession.  At work, it’s a little OCD. I have to have a red, a blue and a black biro.

They have to be a certain type of biro and I will lose my shit if someone takes them. Pens at home are not coveted as much by me, but my three work pens are. (No idea why!)

They sit in my keyboard tucked between the keys (in a specific order) and if anyone “borrows” or steals one of my pens… check that…if anyone USES one of my pens, I get a little cranky.

Not sure why this OCD’ness happened but it’s been around for quite a few years now.

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So, my dear readers, what are your bad habits?  Did any of these strike home or do you have your own entertaining list of bad habits?

Leave me a comment, would love to hear about them or maybe create your own Bad Habits post and if so, drop me a link!

I hope you enjoyed this random post, if so please follow this blog.  Officially I upload new posts on Fridays at 18:30 GMT (mostly).


Happy writing

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