12 Writing Facts about me

METhis week has been a little strained for me and so I’ve struggled to get into the head space to write a proper “writing” blog post.

So I thought rather than pass or delay posting, I’ll just give you some random writing facts about me. Enjoy.

☆ I currently have around 8 book series/trilogy ideas.

☆ Almost all of these ideas have either detailed plots or at least some semblance of a plot idea and characters.

☆ As well as these 8 book series ideas, I also have around half a dozen single story ideas… that may eventually morph into series. I will be truly surprised if I ever write a standalone story.

☆ I have two manuscripts going at once, though I have been (mostly good) and tried to dedicate my time to just one of them.

☆ One of my manuscripts is currently over 200,000 words and counting (once finished…if I ever finish the damn thing, I’ll probably need to cut it down) lol.

☆My current manuscript I am working on is a dark preternatural urban fantasy and it’s killing me.

☆ The first manuscript I completed was a sci-fi and was about 25 chapters long. I was 14 years old

☆ My biggest writing issue is keeping exposition down, I usually have to dump in all the expo and then go back later and cut it down, spread it throughout the manuscript.

☆ I struggle to keep myself from constantly tweaking a plot looking for perfection… I’ve sometimes tweaked it so much that it ruined the whole idea and had to start again.

☆ I get most of my ideas while driving.

☆ When I was a teenager, I had several poems published within an anthology.

☆ The hardest thing about writing for me, will be letting my work out so that people can read it.



Sorry this was not as interesting or fun as my normal articles. I will sort a World Building one for next week.

Also, do check in on Tuesday as I have another guest poster who will be contributing to this blog.

Happy writing


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