Am I Really a Writer? By Writer Sabrina Peppe

This week’s guest poster is the lovely Sabrina Peppe, a new writer who I was lucky enough to come across recently. Enjoy!

Am I Really A Writer?

by Sabrina Peppe

Guest poster - Sabrina
I am not very confident and don’t post a lot of selfies – bit here I am  🙂

I love to write, I always have!  But then why when I try to do a Blog Post, work on my very beginning stage book, or interact with a social media response or statement – I can’t!

As a child, I loved to write stories true and made up, copy parts of books or magazines, make lists of any kind, write what people were saying. Anything at all, it didn’t really matter. I would listen to a song over and over and write all the lyrics. Silly stuff, serious stuff, general stuff.  I sure do wish I had kept more of my “writings” throughout the years

I remember English teachers telling me I was creative and good but never had any of them nor my parents or any other family/friends ever acknowledge that I was any good at whatever I was writing and to pursue writing as a hobby or furthermore a career.

I remember faintly in Middle School wanting to be a reporter but I also remember telling my family at dinner that night and got literally laughed at. So I guess I just grew out of writing, for the most part, I always kept a journal albeit sporadic.  And there were times I would pen a one or two-page story and then toss it.  Or my attempt at a poem or song.

About two years ago I desperately needed a distraction from the misery my life had become.  And I started thinking all the way back to my beginning.  And I remembered how much I used to love to WRITE.

Several other factors came into focus and I started my first now-defunct blog.  But here I am with my NEW blog {I,LIoness} that is more ME, more malleable and more broadly themed so that I can explore and find myself and also expand my knowledge and my skill in writing.

So now I will address the heading – Am I writer?:

Sometimes I don’t think I am. I put myself down, make excuses not to pick up the notebook and write that book idea down or not to turn on the laptop and do a blog post or work in my one book scene.

I tell myself I am joking myself, I have nothing to offer – someone would have recognized something sometime.  But that is just me getting in my own anxiety-riddled, over-thinking, self-doubting head.

Because I realized something – I AM A WRITER. I love to write even though I may not be exceptional or even impressive.  I may never get over 100 followers on my blog and I may get laughed at and told my writing is high school level – who knows?

Not me – but wanna know what I do know?  I AM A WRITER, I LOVE TO WRITE and I will continue to embrace that, learn more about writing and continue to grow until I die hopefully.

Heartfelt and Sincere Appreciation to Ari Meghlen, The Eternal Scribbler for inviting me to guest post on her blog.  I don’t know how or why she stumbled upon one of my posts and we have started a dialogue although I am not the best at being social – one thing I am wholeheartedly working to change.  I look forward to many more chats across the ocean.  Maybe it was fate.

Thank you to everyone who continued to read to this point (haha).  All of my links are below.  I am not very active on social media but I am working to change that as mentioned.

Blog   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Instagram

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Wooh! I am loving all these guest posts! A big thanks to Sabrina who gave her time to participate on this blog. It was truly appreciated.

Be sure to connect with Sabrina by checking out those links.

As always thanks for stopping by, if you like what you see, please follow this blog and share the love.

Happy writing


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