The One Thing Every Writer Needs To Succeed by Robert Evenhouse

And we continue with our awesome mid-week Guest Posts. I invited Robert Evenhouse from the blog PartTimeNovel to share some wisdom. Enjoy!

The One Thing Every Writer Needs to Succeed

By Robert Evenhouse


Behind every good writer is a group of individuals that have helped them get to where they are. I firmly believe this. Consider the Inklings or the group of writers that Hemingway wrote about in A Moveable Feast, writers are born not out of solitude, but a community.

My story, at least thus far, is no different. I’m by no means a household name, but I am further along the path than if I would have tried to go at it alone.

In fact, I know that I would have stopped writing years ago if I had attempted an individualistic path.

When I first began writing I thought I wrote beautifully. Like a parent with a child that can do no wrong, my book was going to make it, and I could not have been more thrilled.

A few months after mentioning it to my wife and writing with fury, however, I’d all but given up on it. The creative well was dry and it just wasn’t fun anymore to struggle by myself.

Then one day, I mentioned my sedentary novel to one of my best friends. He was a music major and was plying his trade as a cook at the time. He surprised me when he said he shared the same desire. That conversation changed both of our lives.

A few months later my friend and I, along with two others in our newly minded writers group, sat in an apartment discussing our work and how it was going. We even read some pieces to each other and gave encouragement-centered feedback.

Since that time members of my writers’ group have attended conferences, landed jobs at publishing companies, won short story contests, had articles, poems, or short story published, and we even started a writer’s conference attended by hundreds of writers in and around Michigan.

To top it all off, six months ago I taught a workshop about Worldbuilding at another writer’s conference.

It was my first paid speaking gig and I could have not been more thrilled. I counted over thirty writers in my class. Then it hit me. I was here not because of my words, but because of my community.

Because of my writers’ group, I’ve written despite welcoming four children into my family. I’ve met with agents, editors, and was even invited to be a part of a committee organizing the conference I spoke at last year.

I’ve not landed that book deal but I firmly believe I will. Not because I believe in my work, but because I have a supportive community to help me get there.

Do you have a writers group? How have they influenced you? If not, what would it take to form one?


About The Author
Bob Evenhouse is a speaker and writer living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is married, has four children, and is always on the lookout for that spare scrap of time to squeeze in a sentence or two. Connect with him on his website PartTimeNovel or on Twitter @parttimenovel.

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Another great guest post! A big thanks to wonderful Robert for guest posting. A great subject to cover, as writing is often seen as a solitary business and yet working with others, gaining insight and encouragement is definitely a must.

Be sure to check out those links and check out his website!

As always thanks for stopping by, if you like what you see, do follow this blog. If not, then don’t! Simples.

I’ll be back on Friday with a post as usual. 🙂

Happy writing

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