Best time of day to write

Clock day and night concept

I have been asked what the “best time of day” to write is. Now I did find this question strange, because like many things, this is writer specific. There does seem to be the popular concept that all writers are night owls who fervently write during the wee hours.

Well I can say that we don’t all write at night. Some writers are complete Night Owls and get their best mojo going in those wee hours, however some don’t. So don’t think you have to stay up late to be a writer.

Remember all writers are different. Some write in the evening, some the morning, some during the day, others at random times. Not to mention it changes!

When I first started writing I did write at night. Mainly because I suffered terribly from insomnia and also because it was the one time when the house was quiet enough for me to focus. So I chose that time out of necessity.

Throughout, my writing time this has changed. There are times I’ve written during the day because I had the time or just because the idea hit me so hard, if I didn’t get it down there and then I’d lose it.

However if I have a writing day, then I tend to start early. Yup I am officially an Early Bird. The earlier the better for me. I need natural day light, a whole stretch of time before me and the knowledge that at the end of the day I can just relax and chill.

Then again while this is mostly the normal for me, recently I’ve found I write well at around 6pm after work. This has again been mainly out of necessity as my ideas have been bugging me at work and I’ve scribbled down notes only to need to rush home and spend a few hours getting them down. 

In fact I think the worst thing you can do is pigeonhole yourself to a “time of day.” People change, as you get older you may find what worked for you when you were younger doesn’t work as well now. Situations change, mood changes, requirements change.

Saying you “only work at night” might have you planning all your writings for the evening, and if you end up tired or sluggish, you might get nothing done. Whereas  if you had just written something earlier, you may have found it worked well for you.

Write when you feel like writing whether that is in the morning, evening, midnight or afternoon (depending on if your work/school schedule allows it).

Try different times of the day, you might just surprise yourself and find you actually work better at a different time that what you’ve been working at. Your concentration and focus changes throughout the day, though this can also be affected by diet, what you drink, how you slept and other things going on in your life.

If you insist on writing every day, then definitely try a few different times and then try and stick to them consistently just to help you build up a habit of writing daily. Though again, don’t trap yourself into these times too rigidly.

So whether you are an Early Bird or a Night Owl, give your writing some leeway and don’t feel trapped to writing only at one time of day.


Finally, a post on time! 🙂

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Happy writing



3 thoughts on “Best time of day to write

    • Aww sorry to hear you have insomnia, though it can help us be pretty productive. 🙂 I never thought I would be an Early Bird but now I wake up with the sun rise, no matter what time I went to bed and get all excited to write.

      • Yeah, I can never do it, even when I try. I’m just not “there” in the morning 🙂 I’ve learn to adjust to my sleep schedule, just need to find a job that goes with it 😉

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