Why You Need To Create A Protected Writing Space

Hope you all enjoyed my little mid-week post I am bad at being an adult, just a little insight into yours truly 🙂

Anyway, onto today’s article!  I recently made a decision to cut some things out of my life that had been choking my time.

My life had been full of things I thought I ended to accomplish that, in hindsight, had just been stealing valuable time from me.  What’s worse, it had stolen valuable writing time.

One thing that has helped is a special place and a forceful routine.  I have been working to try and reclaim my space for Writing.

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My Writing Nook

While I used to be able to write anywhere, my best work came when I was locked away in my own personal room.

If you have a room you can use for your writing, I say use it!  Clear it out, make it workable for you and use it.

Only in this current house have I had a ‘real’ room for my writing.  I have a window behind me so I get lots of natural light but I’m not distracted to stare out of it.

Image: Ari Meghlen's writing desk

My desk is a good size and allows a monitor to sit out of the way. I use my laptop but like to connect it to a monitor and use a normal keyboard as I don’t like these dinky little laptop screens.

Image: Ari Meghlen's writing desk. Collection of stationery

This room is also where I do crafts and run my business so I had to make concessions for those.  My desk has pens (yay all the pretty colours!) post-its, notepads for my writing but also a place for my finished products and crafting tools.

I like that my desk is set in this corner. It makes this part of the room feel like a Writing Nook.  The rest of the room has large units full of craft items, business stuff etc so the majority of my writing is just here at this desk.

Having this specific place for my writing allows me to get in the zone for writing. It is a workspace (granted not just for writing) but its function is for working.  I need that, I find that just having this space for writing mentally prepares me for the task.

Image: Ari Meghlen's writing desk. Stack of scrap paper under the desk

I even have a massive stack of “scrap paper” under the desk for when I am printing scenes for editing or scribbling large spider diagrams.

In this space, I am able to focus.  All the distractions are removed (excepted the coloured pens oh and the tiny dinos…next to my Dymo labeller, can you see them?).

My partner instantly knows that I am working when I’m in this room and his only interruption is to come in with a cup of tea and some food every now and then.

So whether it is a full room or just a corner of your bedroom, consider trying to make a Sacred Writing Space where you bring all your creativity, your energy and your passion for the task. You may even find it helps your productivity. 🙂


Writing Routines

In the many years I’ve been writing, I have found what really works for me and what doesn’t.


I need to have a clear desk (as you can see from the above photos) or at least the main working area needs to be clear.


I need to have natural light so prefer to do my writing in the morning.


I need tea, I just cannot start my writing without a cup of tea (I know, how British of me right?) 😉

No distractions

Next, all the phones are switched off, the internet is disconnected and my door is closed – indicating “Don’t bug me, I’m working.”

Sometimes I will play one song before I start – if I will be writing an action scene then I put something with a strong, fast beat on. If I’m going to be writing something romantic I’ll put on a ballad etc.

I don’t leave my music on while I actually write as I find it distracting.

When the song’s over and I’m ready to write I like to start off by reading the last scene I wrote, I find it puts me back into the mindset of that particular storyline.

I don’t time myself while I’m writing, nor do I check the clock or separate my writing into timely chunks. I probably should but I prefer the writing to dictate when it’s time for a break these days.


Some writers suggest taking a break in the middle of a sentence that way you always know what you are writing when you come back.

This does NOT work for me, tried it and ended up not remembering what I wanted to put at the end of that sentence. That made me stressed so I just stopped doing it.

When I follow this set up I usually find I can write for the whole day. It’s not much but this routine set up again is something that puts me in the writing mindset.

What’s your writing routine?

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Happy writing

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