How To Become Excited To Write

Most of the time writing is an awesome, incredible joy.  We get to build worlds, create characters and immerse ourselves in their lives.

But all writers have off days.  It’s not unusual and we can sometimes feel like it’s becoming a chore rather than a joy.



Are you excited to be a writer?

It may sound like a silly question, but I have seen some posts and heard people mention that they have to “drag themselves to the computer” to write.

Now we all have moments of not feeling motivated and it can make writing feel like a chore.  However, if this is happening every time you sit down to write – that might be a problem.

Writers are people who get a thrill from writing, the words, the plots, the characters are just dying to come out. We may be a little tortured at times (aren’t all arty types) but we are driven by a love of writing. By a need to tell our stories

If you want to be productive and to get ahead in writing you need to enjoy it, to be excited and love it!

You need to love writing without the thought of being published, without the thought of winning awards or without the thought of thousands of fans screaming your name (actually that last part creeps me out, my introverted side would just have me hiding in the broom closet if that happened!)


Don’t chase money or fame

Sadly I have known some writers whose only driving force is not enjoying the story or even finishing the manuscript but being published, being famous, being rich.

That can be a goal but (in my honest opinion) it shouldn’t be THE goal. If you are only aiming for THAT goal and not anything in between then you might hit the sense of your writing being a chore.  (Not surprising)

Writers can get swept up in their writing, we can get overwhelmed and our moods can be affected by what we write (or don’t write).

If you are losing excitement for your work, you may need to step away from it for a while.  These breaks can help to let go of the stress, anxiety or writers’ block you may be feeling.

If you want to be able to keep feeling motivated then you need to feel the enjoyment and excitement. Thinking about writing should make you happy, it should be something you want to do!


Enjoy the journey

Ways to stay excited about your writing start with the understanding that writing a novel is hard – but totally worth it.

The destination (finished manuscript) may be awesome but that doesn’t mean you should disregard the journey (actually writing the manuscript).

The novel in our heads is full of motion, colour, character, wit, power… sometimes trying to get that shit down into words is tough.

That’s okay – the first few drafts are meant to be crap. They are rough and messy and need slow cleaning. Draft after draft, then finally you are polishing it up good!

Instead of stressing at all the rewrites and edits, enjoy watching it get better and better. No writer has ever written a flawless novel in the first few drafts. Hell is there even such a thing as a flawless novel?  Even my favourite novels have the odd error in them.

Yes, there will be plot holes you fall into, character issues, stilted dialogue to fix and yes these may get you annoyed at times.

That’s fine, it’s what artistic temperament is for. Have a stomp, grumble to the cat, cast yourself onto the bed and weep…but when that shit is done, get back to writing.

Always remember why you write…

  • Are you telling the stories you want to read?
  • Are you escaping into worlds you wish existed?
  • Do you love how books and stories make you feel and you want to give those same feelings to other people?
  • Do you need to express yourself or make a statement?

Remind yourself of these.  Remember your excitement, remember that part of you that has always wanted to be a writer.

After all, people don’t just wake up and decide to write a novel – it is usually something that has been bobbing about inside them for a while.

We take on an epic challenge of transferring our thoughts and ideas down into words that will paint images for the readers. We build up worlds and breath life into characters.

That is definitely something to get excited about 🙂

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