Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action

Dream Big Set Goals Take Action

Today is the first day in quite a few months where I have actually been able to slow down and take stock.

As 2015 draws to a close, I have been thinking about everything I have accomplished over the last 12 months and everything I wish to accomplish going forward.

However if the last few months of crazy have shown me anything is that even with the best laid plans, when things go wrong they can do it spectacularly well…. leaving you a panicking, freaked out heap whimpering into the carpet (well not me… I have cats and my carpet has too much cat hair for me to do that).

One of my issues is that I try and do too much, even now I run two blogs, study for a degree, run a business and work a normal job… without even contemplating all the chores, errands, etc that life flings at you.

So as this quarter ends, I am looking towards 2016 in a more pragmatic way. I do make goals (usually quarterly) but even these have often had 30+ tasks on them.

Instead for 2016 I am going to focus on just a few things I truly want to spend my time on, with my writing being the biggest focus.


☆ Go through and organise ALL my idea scraps

☆ Concentrate on only ONE manuscript at a time (seriously, I have tried so hard but I am constantly bouncing between my two main ones)

☆ Complete the new outline for Dark Hart (yes THIS is the manuscript I will work on…..I think)

☆ Complete half of the first draft (I would love to say the whole first draft but with things that I know are coming up next year… I don’t want to include something I may well fail with)

☆ Build my official Writer’s website

☆ Fix my backup system that appears to have stopped working

☆ Sort and convert all Works docs (it’s not even funny how I have still got old Works docs from years ago that need to be checked, converted and relocated)

☆ Defend my writing schedule

☆ Complete the revamp of the blog (almost done with this 🙂 )

☆ Locate my “list of blog topics” and plan them

☆ Schedule several blog posts in advance

☆ Sort branding

☆ Look at starting a YouTube channel for my tutorials (yes, apparently I don’t have enough things in my life to do)

☆ Manage my time more wisely in order to spend more time writing (I know, and after I wrote the post about time management! Sometimes I need a shake up to take my own damn advice)


These are my goals that will span the whole year, though as I said I always create quarterly goals so these will be chunked into the quarters.

It helps to plan your goals and then how to achieve them. Some of these goals may seem vague, but in my goal planner I will break it down point by point on how I will achieve it.


Make 2016 YOUR year for making the biggest surge with your writing, whether it’s completing a manuscript, promoting your work, contacting an agent or just planning your outline. Push yourself to be the writer you want to be!


So, do you create writing goals? Do you manage to stick to them? Leave me a comment, I love hearing from other writers.

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Happy writing


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