The Six Box To Do List

So for all the To Do List people out there.

The idea is to make a list of all those ideas you want to do in life. Do you want to travel the world, write a novel, compose an opera, learn a language.

When you have your list which knowing most people will probably be long you have a think and decide if you could only manage five, which five would you choose.

Now create 6 boxes on a piece of paper.

On the top of five of them write your five chosen Life To Dos. On the sixth, write Misc

Note: I found 6 boxes on a piece of paper, even a big piece of paper was not good enough so I got a large pad and used 6 separate pages for each one.

Now every time you have something on your To Do list, you add it to the relevant category. If it doesn’t fit into your main five it goes on the sixth. This gives you an idea of where you are spending your time.

The concept is that your sixth box should NOT monopolise your time and if you are doing more things from that box than the other five, you are not doing your life’s work.

So make sure, each week that you do something from the main five. Help yourself move forward with what you really want to do.

It also stops you losing some of the more important To Dos amongst all the other crap.

You may even start to realise that the stuff in box six…. isn’t all that important and can even be removed without doing it.

Try it!


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