In The Beginning…

Welcome to The Eternal Scribbler; the writing blog I have been thinking about creating for a while now.  Finally, after announcing its creation date as the 1st July 2013, I felt I had to follow through and lo and behold, I am suddenly able to manage it!


Why a Blog?

This blog is written by a writer (that would be me), for writers (that would be you) and will hopefully be full of tutorials, tips and ideas, as well as, writer ramblings and anything else I feel will fit in nicely here.

If you have come from the art community, please be aware that this blog will be filled with much more than I had listed on my dA page.

However, all the tutorials that I uploaded there will be cleaned, rechecked, possibly extended and uploaded here too. That way all my writing advice will be in one location.

I will spread out the uploading of the dA tutorials so there will be new tutorials mixed in with uploads of old tutorials.

My main forte is fantasy writing in novel-length, however, whether you are writing short stories, plays, comics or even your memoirs, I do believe that some of what I put here you will find useful.

My Posting Frequency

Consistency is key.

At this time, I will be looking at uploading just one post a week until I get myself organised and then I will start increasing that if I can.

My posts will (hopefully) be uploaded on Fridays at 6:30pm (GMT).

That’s It For Now

Well, I will leave it there, for now.

I have started and can only go further!  I look forward to interacting with all of you writers and I do hope you enjoy this blog, share your thoughts and engage with the features and competitions I will (eventually) be running.

Happy writing

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12 thoughts on “In The Beginning…

  1. Matthew J. Mimnaugh

    I stumbled across your blog after reading and learning from your tutorials regarding sex scenes; the two parts were both informative and professional. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your posts when it isn’t 1 AM.

    That said, you are definitely on the right track if you are aiming for publication. I am a professional writer and novelist with some 70 or so publications and, based on my experience at least, I see great things in your future. Keep it up and if you happen to have any questions regarding the professional side of things (at least for the American markets), I’d love to answer what I can.

    Good luck with the blog,


    1. Hi Matthew, apologies for the slow reply.

      Thank you so much for leaving the comment. I am always so pleased when people enjoy my tutorials and feel drawn to commenting. Also,I was flattered by your comment regarding publication and yes I do hope to (eventually) be a published author. One of the reasons for starting this blog was to help me get back to being more focused with my writing (annoying when real life gets in the way, huh).

      I truly appreciate your words of support, it brightened my day.

      Thank you for your offer re: the professional side, I will definitely be taking you up on that and maybe I could make a feature out of it in the blog, maybe do a mini interview with you and how you got through the hurdles of publication. I am sure much of it is universal (though some of my readers are from the US).

      Thank you again and good luck with your writing.

  2. N - Quest

    Hi AM,
    I was browsing DeviantArt today and saw the drawing ‘Scarred’, followed the link and ended up here.
    Now, before I go any further, apologies if I have the wrong person… but I was shown this picture in person by the artist a long time ago. We kinda lost touch after I went away to university, it was never intentional (not on my part anyway). But, as things have a tendency to do, life got in the way.
    I shall keep an eye on this blog, as I did used to enjoy your stories, well, what few sections of them you felt were good enough to let me read! 🙂 Also, if you want to get back in touch just comment the comment or something(can you do that?? :S), and I’ll see about forwarding an email address, as I’d rather not just post it up in the public domain.

    If you’re not who I think you are… well… tough 😛 I’m still going to keep an eye on the blog, as it seems to have the potential to be a very interesting read!

    1. Hi there

      I can’t remember a picture called scarred, but then again I haven’t drawn for while and cannot always remember my own pictures’ titles. Do you have a link to the picture?

      Also, I have had people come in and out of my life so I could be someone you know. Though your email address does not look familiar (then again I have also changed email addresses!)

      If I am not, then that’s okay, I appreciate you are following the blog and hopefully we can become friends anyway. 🙂

      1. Great blue heron

        No problem! Writing is vital for me, I love it and it is my hobby, I love your tutorials because they keep me going, and still writing even though I have writers block 24/7. Thank you so much!!!

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